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Monica Aniela Zaharie,


Research interests

HRM, Organisational Psychology, Peer Review



              2014- present








           2008- 2014


2004 – present

Associate professor

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University

§  Teaching activities on Human Resource Management, Labor Management, Organisational Psychology, and Emotional Intelligence

§  Research activities: I am a member of research projects on quality of teaching and human resources management

§  Organizing student activities: employer open days, career days, summer schools, workshops

Assistant professor and teaching assistant

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University

Quality assurance specialist (part time since 2008)

Centre for Quality Management, Babeș-Bolyai University

§ Conducting stakeholders’ satisfaction surveys: employers, teaching staff, and graduates.  I am a member of the group coordinating the students’ ratings of instructions (design of the evaluation instrument, training of the participants, data analysis, and results interpretation)

§ Since 2008 I am a member in the organizing committee of the yearly conference Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society


















May 2015

March 2013

November 2011

June 2010

March 2010

June 2009

June 2008

September 2005

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, „Babeş-Bolyai” University

Ph.D. in Management (Economics)

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, „Babeş-Bolyai” University

Bachelor Degree in Economics

Faculty of European Studies, „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca

Master Program– Gender studies: Nationalism, Ethnic relations, Gender theories

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, „Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca

Bachelor Degree in Sociology

Certificate of Vocational counsellor, issued by Consult Plus SRL

Certificate of Entrepreneurial skills, issued by SNSPA

Certificate of Human Resource Inspector, issued by Performed S.R.L.

Certificate of Human Resource Manager,  issued by IC Consulting

Certificate of Quality Specialist,  issued  by TQA

Certificate of Train the Trainers,  issued by Codecs

Certificate of Project Manager,  issued  by OK Service Corporation

Certificate of Quality Assurance Auditor, issued  by S.C. Floyd S.R.L.





British Academy of Management



Editorial activity


Editor of the journal  Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai OECONOMICA since 2012


2014 – 2015 Career development through counselling and training of the highly skilled labor force– Training Manager, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babeș-Bolyai University. Financed by AM (POSDRU/132/5.1/G/135285)

2010 – 2012 Window towards employment of graduate labor force – Project Manager, Babeș-Bolyai University. Financed by AM (POSDRU/104/5.1/G/78225)

2009 - 2011 University Teaching Expertise: Paradigmatic and Conceptual Changes – Member of the research team, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai University. Financed by CNCSIS (IDEI research program)

2013-2014 ADAPtation of trainings based up on the Finnish Workplace Development Programme (TYKES), Leonardo da Vinci Innovation Transfer Project - 2012-1-HU1-LEO05-05847 (project member)

2015-present TRaining for Unique Skills and Techniques for Mentoring, 2015-1-HU01-KA202-013535 (member)                                                                                                                    

2015-present Training on Corporate Innovation Management System for Competitiveness, Erasmus+  (member)                                         

2009- 2011 Quality assurance of university education through training of the human resources and orientation towards labor market – Project Manager, Centre for Quality Management, Babeș-Bolyai University. Financed by AM (POSDRU/18/1.2/G/5593)

2008 – 2011 Convergence of University Education with Active Live - Member of the management team, Babeș-Bolyai University, financed by AM (POSDRU/7/2.1/S/1)

2006-2008 – Quality Assurance of Teaching in Romanian Universities - Member of the research team, with responsibilities in the design and implementation of the methodology of the research and data analysis. Financed by CNCSIS

2005-2007 – Competitiveness and performance in university teaching – Member of the research team, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, BBU. Financed by BBU

2005-2008 – Systems of Collaborative Assisted Decisions in Academic Environment - Member of the research team, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, BBU. Financed by BBU








Conference presentations and

Publications (selection)


































































Research paper presentations at international  scientific conferences and publications:

Zaharie, M., Osoian, C., 2016, Peer Review Motivation Frames: A Qualitative Approach, European Management Journal, DOI 10.1016/j.emj.2015.12.004

Poor, J, et al, Idealism and relativism in ethics: the results of empirical research in seven CEE countries and one N-European country,  Journal of Eastern European Management,  2015, 20(4), 484-505

Osoian, C., Zaharie M., Recruitment for competencies in public and private sectors, Transylvanian review of administrative sciences, 2014, 41E , p. 129-145

Zaharie M., Osoian C., Job Recruitment And Selection Practices In Small And Medium Organisations, Studia Oeconomica, 2013, 58,  P. 86-94

Osoian, C., Zaharie, M., Lazar I, Does ownership matter? Employee selection practices in private and public sectors,Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, 2011,  33E, p. 218-232

Zaharie M, Osoian C, Opre A, Graduate Recruitment and Selection – A Linkage Between Labor Market and Higher Education, Internat. Journal of Social Science and Humanity, 2011, 1(3) p.  229-234

2012 - Stakeholders’ perspectives on higher education quality: divergent expectations or partnership for development?, International Conference Knowledge Globalization, Suffolk University, Boston, USA.

2012 - Entrepreneurship, family firms and economic development, Cracow, Poland

2011 - Invited key speaker at the conference Enhancing human resource development through excellence in education, Christ University, Bangalore, India (videoconference system presentation)

2011 - Employers’ hiring behaviours in a developing country – input for enhancing the quality of higher education, 2nd International Conference on Education and Management Tech., Shanghai, China

2011 - Can we rely on education? an approach on graduates’ employment for improving university quality, EDULEARN11 Conference, Barcelona, Spain (also chair for the conference session)

2010 – Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Employers’ View upon Quality of Education, 9th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies, Madrid, Spain (also chair  for the conference session)

2009 – Integrating the student feedback in the faculty quality management, Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 – The value of the credentials and educational quality on the labor market, 22nd CHER Annual Conference at Serralves Foundation, Porto, Portugal

2009 - Organizational changes in human resource management in a developing country, at 6th International Conference Management Of Technological Changes, Greece.

2008 - Aiming university excellence through teaching skills development  to the 21th CHER Conference - Excellence and diversity in Higher Education, Pavia, Italy

2008 - Quality assurance through student satisfaction surveys and orientation towards labour market, International Conference Quality Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007 - Discrimination in the job selection process – A case study at the International Conference Competitiveness and European Integration, Cluj Napoca

2007 - What employers expect from quality assurance in Higher Education to the Conference Higher Education that matters, Sinaia

2007 - Diagnosis of the Human Resources Professional Development Needs at the International Conference Requirements, Chances, Challanges, Cluj Napoca

2006 - Connections between professional experience and critical thinking abilities at the Psychology International Conference, Bucureşti

2006 - Human Resource Quality Assurance in Higher Education at the International Conference Higher Education and Research – knowledge society, Chişinău, Moldova


  2016 – Excellence in Teaching Prize,  FSEGA, UBB

  2015 – Excellence in Scientific Research Prize, FSEGA, UBB

  2012 –Junior Professorship Award, granted by the national Association of Economists in Romania

  2011 – Excellent Paper Award, at the 2nd International Conference on Education and Management Technology, Shanghai, China

  2007 – Excellent Concept Paper, at the 13th CEI International Summer School of Cervia, Bologna University, Cervia , Italy (The Best Essay Award, 2nd Place)

  2010, 2011 – Management performance in technical administration Award, Babes-Bolyai University

  2009 – Management performance in technical administration Award, Babes-Bolyai University

  2008 - Performance in technical administration Award, Babes-Bolyai University

  2005 - Third Prize at the Psychological Student Conference, Cluj Napoca

  2004 - Ion Aluaş Award, Faculty of Sociology And Social Work, Babes-Bolyai University


§ 2017 – Teaching mobility, University of Hull, UK

§ 2016 – Teaching mobility, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle, The Netherlands

§ 2012 - CEEPUS mobility scholarship, University of Economics in Katovice, Poland

§ 2007-2009 - PhD research scholarship, CNCSIS (BD)

§ 2007 - Grundtvig individual mobility scholarship for participation to the training European Project Planning (Florence, Italy)

§ 2007 – Scholarship for participation to the 13th CEI International Summer School of Cervia, Bologna University (Cervia, Italy)

§ 2006 - Scholarship for participating at the National Workshop „Project management” (InWent)

§ 2006 – Scholarship for participating to the GSK Business Summer School (Brasov)



Organising events







     Summer schools







Teaching achievements










Organizing the yearly conference Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society (since 2008 to 2015 with constantly improving results in number of international participants and quality of papers)

Organizing the conference University of Excellence. Teaching, Learning, Research and Community Services (2010), the conference Academic Cooperation and Competitiveness  (2009), the summer school Teaching Expertise in Higher Education (2007), the workshop Excellence in teaching (2007)



2017 – Participation to the international week, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

2010 - Participation to the 3rd International Bamberg Summer School in Empirical Education Research, Bamberg, Germany

2010 – Participation to the workshop Open Educational Resources International Showcase, London, UK

Participating to the Summer School Chances equality in Romania (Sinaia, 2005)

Participating to the Statistics National Summer School (Cluj, 2005)


I have been elected by students in the English line group as Professor of the year in six consecutive years